Care Services "SERAFIN"


Scope of work of caregivers

The scope of work of the caregiver depends on the health of the mentee and his family situation.

During the daily contact with the ward, the caregiver takes care of his state of health and satisfying the basic needs of bio and psycho – social.

The babysitter is obliged to perform at the place of residence of the mentee


1) caring and caring,

2) economic,

3) others, commissioned by the superior.

1. Care and care activities include, in particular:

a) washing or assistance in washing the ward,

b) embalming, combing, dressing the ward,

(c) assistance in the handling of physiological needs,

d) laying the patient in bed,

e) change of personal and bed linen,

(f) prevention of vapours and put-aways,

g) other care activities commissioned by your doctor.

2. Economic activities include, in particular:

(a) the purchase of basic foodstuffs and industrial goods needed for the

household with the money of the mentee and deliver them to the


(b) preparing meals taking into account the diet,

c) assistance with eating meals, inso far as the state of health requires such an action,

d) keeping the environment of the ward clean, in the part used by him,

e) burning in the oven, bringing fuel, water (if necessary),

f) payment of benefits to the mentee and assistance in the handling of official matters,

(g) maintaining individual interests,

(h) organising and maintaining neighbourly contacts,

(i) organising walks,

j) reading to the mentee,

k) ordering medical appointments in case of emergency ,

l) carrying out prescriptions and if the medicine is commissioned to be administered to the patient according to the doctor's instructions,

(m) carrying out other activities outsourced by the employer.

3. Other activities:

a) keeping records related to the care service,

(b) self-education,

(c) undergoing periodic medical examinations.

(d) compliance with the applicable rules of organisation and discipline of work, and

In particular, Article 11(1) 100 of the Labour Code.

(e) the babysitter shall be obliged to replace in the absence of the other caregiver .

(f) the caregiver is obliged to observe professional secrecy.

Scope of work of caregivers