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+48 501 161 126

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Care Center "Serafin"

80-807 Gdansk, Poland; Ul. Khalubiński 25D (above the post office)

TAX ID 583-188-32-52; Regon 220874378

Opening hours
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Monday – Friday 09:00 – 19:00

Saturday – Sunday 10:00 – 14:00 (by phone)

. Monika Kuniczuk

The mission of our Centre is to offer home care services for the elderly, children and people with disabilities. We operate in the Tricity.

The Centre provides care services to persons who, because of age, illness, disability or other cause, require the assistance of others and are deprived of it. Nowadays, there are no more multigenerational houses, our children and loved ones emigrate for life or economic reasons. They worry about their parents, their grandparents, who have remained like judging trees that are not exaggerated….

 Our babysitters will not replace loved ones, but they can be a substitute for the family and a lot of support. They are also a bridge connecting the elderly in their homes with their loved ones, who, scattered around the world working hard, have peace and comfort in their daily lives, knowing that their beloved parents or grandparents are provided with adequate help.


"Let's hurry to love people so quickly they go away,
shoes will be after them and the phone deaf…"

Ks. Jan Twardowski

How can we help?


+48 501 161 126

+48 514 616 961


Taking into account the needs of seniors, we take many actions, leading to an improvement in the quality of their lives. First of all, we offer professional care, as well as assistance in care or running a household.

We help to organize the best possible care for the elderly as well as the sick, who for various reasons are not able to fully meet their life needs. People who have problems with self-functioning or need a person to be companion can count on our help. We recommend warm babysitters, easy contacts, able to prepare meals, taking care of order and shopping.


We provide a full range of professional cleaning services at home and in the office.

Our offer is mainly directed to individual clients who want to have a cleaning service performed in an apartment, house, apartment.


We provide intervention services lasting less than a month.

Assistance in the care of a person in need at home, hospital – during trips, holidays or other random events of family or caregivers.


The way in which the authorities receive our letter depends 100% on how it was written. Unfortunately,
often seniors can not do this – they get lost in appeals, requests or taking care of the appropriate benefits for themselves. C
are Center "Serafin" has launched a new service. We will help you write complex writings and even make sure they are delivered to the right place at the right time.
The service is mainly aimed at seniors, but we will consider all application
s. Having trouble writing the right letter? Please call 501-161-126.



Old age is often a period of increased anxiety, caused by cognitive loss, somatic diseases, awareness of the impending end, death of loved ones.

Mild cognitive impairment, on the other hand, can lead to the development of dementia.

The first symptoms of dementia are "forgetting" which over time evolves into memory loss of everyday and distant memories, problems with concentration, weakness of the body, lack of enthusiasm for work, reluctance to perform any activities, malaise, fear of the world and the environment.

However, there are methods to relieve the above symptoms, so in such cases the help of a psychiatrist can be invaluable.

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We provide services commissioned by the Maximilian-Kolbe-Werk Association for former prisoners of concentration camps.