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mag Monika Kuniczuk

The mission of our Centre is to offer home care services for the elderly, children and people with disabilities. We operate in the Tricity.

More About Our Mission

The Centre provides care services to persons who, because of age, illness, disability or other cause, require the assistance of others and are deprived of it. Nowadays, there are no more multigenerational houses, our children and loved ones emigrate for life or economic reasons. They worry about their parents, or grandparents, who have remained like judging trees that are not to be excavated….

Our Caretakers

 Our caretakers will not replace relatives, but they can be a substitute for the family and a lot of support. They are also a bridge connecting the elderly in their homes with their loved ones, who, scattered around the world working hard, have peace and comfort in their daily lives, knowing that their beloved parents or grandparents are provided with adequate help.

“Let’s hurry to love people so quickly they go away,
shoes will be after them and the phone deaf…”

Jan Twardowski


Taking into account the needs of seniors, we take many actions, leading to an improvement in the quality of their lives. First of all, we offer professional care, as well as assistance in care or running a household.

We help to organize the best possible care for the elderly as well as the sick, who for various reasons are not able to fully meet their life needs. People who have problems with self-functioning or need a person to be companion can count on our help. We recommend warm babysitters, easy contacts, able to prepare meals, taking care of order and shopping.


We provide a full range of professional cleaning services at home and in the office.

Our offer is mainly directed to individual clients who want to have a cleaning service performed in an apartment, house, apartment.


We provide intervention services lasting less than a month.

Assistance in the care of a person in need at home, hospital – during trips, holidays or other random events of family or caregivers.


The way in which the authorities receive our letter depends 100% on how it was written. Unfortunately,
often seniors can not do this – they get lost in appeals, requests or taking care of the appropriate benefits for themselves. C
are Center “Serafin” has launched a new service. We will help you write complex writings and even make sure they are delivered to the right place at the right time.
The service is mainly aimed at seniors, but we will consider all application
s. Having trouble writing the right letter? Please call 501-161-126.



Old age is often a period of increased anxiety, caused by cognitive loss, somatic diseases, awareness of the impending end, death of loved ones.

Mild cognitive impairment, on the other hand, can lead to the development of dementia.

The first symptoms of dementia are “forgetfulness” which over time evolves into memory loss of everyday and distant memories, problems with concentration, weakness of the body, lack of enthusiasm for work, reluctance to perform any activities, malaise, fear of the world and the environment.

However, there are methods to relieve the above symptoms, so in such cases the help of a psychiatrist can be invaluable.


“Serafin was recommended to me by a friend when she saw that I could no longer take care of my husband. The long illness changed him a lot, the more he deteriorated, the more unpleasant and bitter he became. Despite my best efforts, everything was always “wrong” and “wrong”. I was remorseful that I couldn’t take care of it properly. After hearing about my problems, the President of the Serafin Centre offered to help Me. I can say that Mrs. Maria even saved our lives – both me and my husband. From the very beginning, Mrs. Maria has shown a great attitude to my husband. She approached him not only professionally and firmly, but also with respect and compassion. Thanks to Mrs. Maria, my life has finally returned to normal, I can again enjoy life knowing that my husband is provided with adequate care. Thank you!!!”

— Dorota

“I would like to recommend the Serafin Centre with all my heart, and in particular one of the caretaker – Mrs. Baś. Mrs. Basia appeared in our lives at a time when we really needed help caring for our dad. In particular, we wanted the babysitter to be a person in the company of whom dad would feel comfortable and well. Dad easily makes an idea of people, so choosing the right person was the key to success. As an educated person, dad likes to read poems and have conversations “on a level.” Ms. Basia turned out to be an excellent companion, a savvy interlocutor and a good listener. Ms. Basia helps her dad maintain dignity, thanks to her she always feels valued. She often tells us about the moments she spends together. Our whole family is delighted with the care provided by Mrs. Baś and we are extremely grateful to The Serafin Center for such an excellent selection of employees! “

“Care services are provided professionally and with culture. Caretakers are nice and dedicated. Respond to any comments as to whether the proposals are immediate and effective. I recommend”

— P. Dempc

“Care was provided for a person with senior dementia. The care was carried out professionally and in accordance with the guidelines indicated by the person ordering it.”

— P. Nowak

“He has been working with the center for a year, carers are professionally prepared for their work. They provide services in the most satisfactory way possible. My father, who is in the care of the staff at the centre, is pleased. I recommend the services of the Serafin Centre.”

— Abryszynska

“I used Serafin to care for my father, who had cancer. He himself was very happy with the care and despite the deadly illness smiled at the incoming babysitter and even joked. Professional care and not requiring my supervision. I recommend “

— Justyna

“The company is recommendable, professional service, good contact, a wide range of services.”

— Jafr



Serafin Care Center – Monika Kuniczuk was established in 2009 and the idea of his vocation to life was the desire to help people in the Autumn of life.

This was dictated to me by my own experiences and feeling alone when I got seriously ill and then my Dad was dying.

The idea for the company was also the result of my experience, acquired during my professional work. Working at the Hospice in Gdańsk, I had noticed large gaps in home care for the elderly. Young people are often forced to go abroad to work, leaving their parents alone and helpless. Older people seek help from different institutions, but it is difficult for them to get through the thicks of bureaucracy. The idea of creating a company was born, which, at least in part, will make life easier for the elderly and fill a niche in this area of services.

The “Serafin” centre is also engaged in the constant recruitment and selection of future carers and carers, so that the level of service continues to increase. In addition, we are assisted by volunteers as well as trainees.

We also obtain additional resources, which allow, for example, to go to the cinema, theater or philharmonic hall also to the poorest wards. We also try to organize equipment such as a refrigerator or washing machine for people who can not afford to buy them. For the holidays we plan trips for wards, for Christmas, and children from friendly schools and kindergartens make reeds or other ornaments for the wards, which are intended to remind them that they are not alone and can always count on our help.

The centre takes care of its positive image through the selection of employees, as well as constant control of the quality of the services provided. As our society is ageing and people in need of assistance, and on the other hand, people who feel the need to bring it are more and more, the Centre has great opportunities for development. They owe their potential to people who are sincerely committed to helping the elderly.

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Care Centre “Serafin”

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